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Product Brochure | IRK320-150Z Continuous Zoom Thermal Imaging Camera

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작성자 irken 작성일16-07-28 13:32 조회1,926회 댓글0건



Dear Customer.

This is a IRK320-150Z Thermal Imaging Continuous Zoom Camera.
-LWIR(Long Wave InfraRed) Thermal Imager
-Resolution: 320x240 Pixels (25um pitch)
-Optical Zoom 25mm - 150mm 6X Zoom

Its application is for Night time Surveillance and Security of Middle Distance Range.
Please find attached Specificatioin Sheet.

Thanks for your interest.

Tags: Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera, Continuous Zoom Camera, Surveillance, Security,
        320x240 resolution, Homeland Security, Coastal Surveillance, Border Surveillance,
        Thermal Zoom Camera, FLIR(Forward Looking IR), Night Vision, Uncooled Microbolometer,

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